Place of residence

Tokyo, Japan

Date of Birth

August 7, 1993

Education, Work, and Achievements

・2019-2020: 1-year exchange program at Chuo University, Tokyo Japan.

・2015-2018: Japanology BA program (at KU Leuven)

・July 2018: Obtained N2 level in the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

・2012-2015: Game Development BA (Digital Arts and Entertainment @ Howest)

・January 2015 - June 2015: Internship at Triumph Studios working on Age of Wonders III

・2010-2012: Computer Sciences (at Miniemeninstituut Leuven)

Spoken languages

Dutch (native)

English (upper-intermediate)

Japanese (intermediate knowledge [N2 level])

French (elementary knowledge)


RPG and Adventure games

Learning new things

Japanese language and culture


User experience


About me

Adaptable and object-oriented programmer with a focus on game development
and tool development, with a knack for UI design.
Experienced with all layers of software development and not afraid to learn something new.


2017-2018: Completing Bachelor thesis "A historical analysis of the formation of the video game industry in Japan between 1970 and 1985, with a focus on the local and global contributions of Nintendo."

Technical Skills


Content Design

Web & Version Control

Game Case Studies

During school holidays I try recreating game systems that I liked from games that I was playing at the time (such as Xenoblade, Baten Kaitos, Final Fantasy XII and NieR:Automata) and combining them with other elements. These case studies were made in Unity with C#.

Xenoblade-inspired battle system

RPG battle system project inspired by the battle system of Xenoblade (Wii) with a few twists. Features core RPG mechanics and systems found in modern RPGs, designed in an easy to read, adjustable and scalable manner using Unity / C#.

NieR:Automata hacking mini-game

Final Fantasy XII Gambit System

Professional Work

Junior programmer at Triumph Studios

As a programming intern at Triumph Studios I was involved in the development of tactical RPG Age of Wonders III's latest expansion "Eternal Lords" during a 5 month Erasmus stay in the Netherlands.

My responsibilities included providing technical support, fixing bugs, implementing new game features and improving our internal development tools.

School and Holiday Game Programming Projects

C# Game Flow Progression Tool

Final Fantasy I recreation in C++

Recreating the basics of Final Fantasy I in C++ as a class assignment

HLSL Grass Geometry Shader

Geometry shader to display a large amount of grass realtime with adjustable parameters

3D and Web

UDK Level

UDK3 Deathmatch level with custom props, textures and materials.